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Preteen Nn Models

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 14:21:01 -0800 (PST)From: jay Subject: Dreaming of Scott/FinaleIt's me, Jay, I had a little more free time then I thought so here'schapter six of Dreaming of ScottDisclaimer: Here it is, if you're too young, and I know there are a few ofyou out there who are, Don't read this unless you know you can't be caught,the characters in this story are all belonging to Marvel Comics. I use themovie as a basis for my characters so you who haven't read the comics canknow what the characters look like. Now... on with the story!!! Scott was on his way into the danger room when he saw that aprogram was already running. He snuck in and hid behind a pillar. "Who the hell is running this simulation?" Scott thought before hecaught sight of Bobby and Kurt on a bed doing some heavy petting. "Hey Scott, wha..." Scott dove for Logan and clasped a hand overhis mouth to keep him quiet. "What's going on?" Logan whispered with a puzzled look. "God, he's so cute when he's confused" Scott thought as heexplained that it looked like Bobby was Preteen Nn Models going to get some action from Kurt. "Well, didn't think he had it in him." Logan said as they bothstole a look around the corner. The action in front of them got both men hard again and theystarted to do some petting of their own. Logan caught Scott by the back ofthe neck and brought him in for a long deep kiss while all but ripping hisclothing off. Scott not to be out done took Logan's suit and grabbed hiscock in his hand and started jerking it. "Slow down Cyc or your gonna have a mess on your hands." Logan saidwith a smile kissing Scott again. "Well if you're afraid that I'll lose a bit of your seed thenfine." Scott said as he bent over and took Logan all the way down to hispubes. "Damn boy, be careful that time Preteen Nn Models you almost made me cum." Looking over, Logan saw that Bobby had just came and decided thatit was time to go for the prize. He pulled Scott up and kissed him deeplythen spun him around and bent him over against a pillar and drove all theway into him covering Scott's mouth so that he couldn't be heardscreaming. Instead of screaming Scott bit down on Logan's finger and drewblood. He tasted the coppery fluid in his mouth and looked back as Loganplowed him as hard and fast as he could. "Its ok" Logan mouthed as he rode higher and higher on the way toorgasmic bliss, grabbing Scott's now flaccid dick Preteen Nn Models in his hand and pullingon it as fast as he was thrusting so that Scott could ride the waves oflust along with him. Just as Logan groaned rocketing off with Scott justtwo strokes away, they both lost balance and fell right into sight of thetwo young lovers. "So what do we have here?" Bobby said getting up off the bed alittle wobbly from just coming as hard as he had. "It looks like we havespies in our midst" He said casting a look back at his new, terrifiedlover."Professor Summers, forgive me! I don't know what came over the two of us,we'll never do it again..." Kurt was rambling so Bobby came over and kissedhim to shut him up. "Look you don't have to worry Kurt, they are both in need of somehelp, I don't think they would say much if we helped them out a bit what doyou think?" Bobby said as he pulled away and went for the goblet of nectarand gave both men a drink. "Mmm what is that stuff?" Scott said as his cock became rock hard. "Well Scott, it's a nectar that makes your dick as hard as rock andsuper sensitive." Bobby said taking another drink of it then offering it toKurt. "Well gentlemen we have to come to an agreement, You should teachus all that you know on man to man sex in exchange we will perform it onthe both of you, also... no one is too know about this little transaction."Bobby said as if he were in a board meeting of some sort. "Well Preteen Nn Models no shit Sherlock, if anyone found out Professor X would killus." Logan said walking over to a now very relaxed and horny Kurt andstarted playing with his ass right below his tail. "Mmm please do not stop Logan." Kurt purred his accent deepeningonce more. "Don't worry blue boy, this is only the beginning" Logan saidslipping his finger into Kurt as deeply as it Preteen Nn Models would go. As Kurt gasped Bobby came over and knelt in front of him taking hisseven and a half inch blue dick into his mouth and worked it slowly downthe back of his neck. Scott came over spying Bobby's perfect bubble-buttand got down and started to rim him deeply. "This is a hot scene!!" thought Bobby as he felt Kurt's balls shootup into his body as he came hard in his mouth. "Mmm its still as sweet as it was a few minutes ago!" Bobby said ashe got down and started sucking on Logan's balls. Logan meanwhile wasrepositioned with his cock at Kurt's hole and Preteen Nn Models started drilling it makingKurt scream and making it next to impossible for Bobby to keep his mouth onLogan's sweaty balls. "Bobby, I'm gonna fuck you is that alright?" Scott said as he stucka finger in his already stretched ass. "Fine with me just as long as I can do you next time!" Bobby saidgetting down on all fours. Logan had Kurt on his back now and he and Bobbywere kissing deeply as they were fucked brutally by the two grown men. "Lets move this closer together!" said Kurt as her climber underBobby and headed for his hard cock again. There they were two teenagersand two fully, grown men, two in sixty-nine while getting fucked by theother two. Damn it was a hot scene. As if they had all been fucking for ages, one came and set off adomino effect as they each shook in their own explosive orgasms. AfterwardsBobby and Kurt went to Kurt's room and arranged to become dorm roomieswhile Scott and Logan went to Jean. "Scott...I'm a Lesbian, I love you but I Love Orrorro more, I'msorry, I just can't lie any more." Jean said before either Scott or Logancould speak. "Well I guess that worked out a lot better then we hoped" Logansaid rolling off of Scott in 'their' room. "I love you Scott and I've dreamt of this for ever" Logan saidkissing Scott tenderly, then he laughed and said that he hoped a boy likeScott could keep up with him.Ok that was a corny type of ending but oh well. I hope you've all had funwith this one. I'll be writing more of my X-Men slash later afterChrist-mas so keep in touch and give me a lot of different ideas, I need toknow what pairings you all like most. My e-mail is morpheus490yahoo.comdrop me a line!
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